Collection: Fajas Canada

Experience Fajas Canada at Figures by Christina for the ideal fusion of style and functionality. With our collection, you can have a wardrobe staple that accentuates form and style, a perfect example of the way elegant design and body-shaping techniques blend.

What is Fajas?

"Fajas" is the Spanish term for "shapewear." These specialized undergarments are made to support and sculpt the body, giving the appearance of slimming. Fajas, which are worn under clothes to enhance the wearer's physique by smoothing curves and creating a streamlined shape, are typically comprised of elastic and compressive materials. They have several uses, such as tightening the waist, contouring the belly, and offering support after surgery or during pregnancy. Fajas, which come in a variety of forms, fit a wide range of body types and preferences and provide a smooth, improved appearance as well as an increase in confidence when worn.

Benefits of Figures by Christina's Fajas Canada

Quality Materials

Our Fajas Canada uses high-quality, breathable materials, and their craftsmanship is exquisite. You can wear them with confidence for the entire day because this offers not only great body shaping but also an opulent and pleasant experience.

Tailored Comfort

Enjoy optimal comfort in our Fajas, which are deliberately designed to provide a snug fit without restricting your range of motion. Enjoy the seamless comfort that our shapewear offers, whether you're attending a special event or managing a hectic workweek.

All-inclusive Sizing

Figures by Christina is proud to offer inclusive sizing for the Fajas Canada line, which celebrates a variety of body forms. Our commitment to enabling and accepting people of all shapes and sizes is demonstrated by our commitment to inclusion.

Versatility in Fashion

Add a touch of flair to your look with Fajas that fit right into your clothes. Whether you choose to dress up for a formal event or go casual, our shapewear has the versatility to make you feel more confident in any situation.

Body-Aware Philosophy

We support a body-positive mindset at Figures by Christina. By encouraging users to see shapewear as an ornament that accentuates their natural characteristics, our Fajas help them to embrace their unique beauty and cultivate self-love.

Improvement of Curves

Our carefully crafted Fajas Canada do more than just improve the appearance; they sculpt and highlight natural curves. By reducing the appearance of any perceived flaws, they effectively give wearers the confidence that comes with a smoother appearance.

Innovative Designs

Experience the perfect blend of modern style and functionality with our imaginatively created Fajas. Every item accomplishes its practical duty while complementing your body and giving your wardrobe a fashionable edge.

Empowerment of Confidence

In addition to their physical benefits, our Fajas improve self-esteem. They empower wearers to feel not just physically at peace but also secure and at rest in their skin, developing a profound sense of self-assurance and promoting a positive self-image.

Broad Variety of Styles

Figures by Christina offers a wide range of Faja styles to suit a variety of tastes. Our selection offers options catered to your specific requirements and tastes, whether you're more of a classic shaper or like the full coverage of a bodysuit.

Superior Craftsmanship

Every Faja is meticulously designed and constructed as a result of our unrelenting commitment to superior craftsmanship. Figures by Christina offers a dependable and effective solution for your body-shaping needs, standing behind the longevity and durability of our shapewear.

Why Choose Us for Your Fajas Canada?

Effortless Elegance

With Fajas Canada, Figures by Christina redefines elegance. With our body shape wear, you can look elegant and ageless while still managing to blend sophistication and ease of use.

Personalized Fit

We are aware that each body is different. Shapewear that fits your unique and enhanced body shape can make you feel secure and at ease. Figures by Christina offers Fajas that offer a customized fit.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our clients are the center of our business at Figures by Christina. We have carefully considered your needs, tastes, and desires for premium shapewear to create our Fajas Canada line.

Unwavering Support

More than just a name, Figures by Christina is your encouraging companion on the path to self-assurance. Our Fajas provide steadfast mental and physical support while you accept your beauty.

Timeless Appeal

Our Fajas Canada line has a classic appeal. Our shapewear is made with timeless style that goes beyond fashion trends to make you feel and look amazing every time you wear it.

Transparent Communication

Select Christina's Figures for open and understandable conversation. We make sure you can make well-informed selections regarding your shapewear demands by giving you comprehensive information about our Fajas.

Empowering Lifestyle

Our Fajas are made to fit into your lifestyle and provide the assurance and support you require for a range of activities. Figures by Christina will give you a sense of empowerment in all areas of your life.

Trusted Reputation

Figures by Christina is known for producing shapewear of the highest caliber. Countless pleased clients who have felt the life-changing power of our Fajas Canada range are waiting for you.


  1. Can I wear Fajas under different types of clothing?

    Of course! At Figures by Christina, we create our Fajas with a focus on adaptability. They are perfect for wearing different kinds of apparel because of their discrete construction and seamless design. Our Fajas are made to complement your natural contours while seeming almost invisible under the clothes you choose, whether you're wearing formal attire, professional gear, or casual wear.

  2. Is there a return policy for Faja purchases?

    Yes, there is a welcoming returns and exchanges policy for customers using Figures by Christina. Should you, for any reason, be dissatisfied with your Fajas purchase, our website's policy provides comprehensive guidance on how to initiate a return or exchange. Our goal is to make sure that our clients can easily and quickly resolve any issues they may have with their Fajas.

  3. Can I wear Fajas during pregnancy?

    Yes, of course! Figures by Christina provides maternity Fajas specifically designed for expectant women. Pregnancy can be supported gently with these cleverly made Fajas. They provide a cozy and encouraging solution that enhances the special experience of pregnancy by adjusting to your body's changing requirements.

  4. How long can I wear Fajas each day?

    It is advised to begin with shorter wear times and increase them progressively as your body becomes accustomed to the Fajas. Keep an eye on how comfortable your body feels, and if you start to feel uncomfortable, it's best to shorten the wear period. By taking it gradually, you may be sure that using Fajas will become second nature to you.

  5. Can Fajas help with posture improvement?

    Of course! Some of our Faja designs are made especially to offer support that helps to enhance body posture. With their mild core fortification, these Fajas will assist you in keeping a more comfortable and erect posture all day. Our Fajas promote improved alignment and may help to improve posture overall by supporting the spine and core muscles.

Shape Your Confidence!

With Fajas Canada from Figures by Christina, you may shape not just the way you look but also your self-confidence. Explore our collection, which targets confidence and elegance. Contact us now, and let our experts guide you to your perfect fit.